Tuesday, December 23, 2008

WebhostingRevenue.com provides affordable reliable web hosting solution with 20% off for christmas

WebhostingRevenue.com provides affordable reliable web hosting solution with 20% off for christmas

webhostingRevenue.com provides

web hosting
They have two web hosting plans.
  1. Regular Plan - $6.95 per month
  2. Super Plan - $8.95 per month

Both plans are has most of required necessary features except couple of things like number of websites to be hosted, availaiblity of Cpanel addon domain, monthly or semi-annual pricing plan etc.
Some of the features of plans are:
  • Unlimited disk space
  • Unlimited band width
  • Free setup ($39.95 value)
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • Control Panel
  • Ruby on Rails
  • And lots more...

Reseller Web Hosting
They have everything to start your own web hosting business. The payments are directly available to owner and not through webhostingRevenue.com. They provide features like
  • Free web hosting web site
  • Free billing system
  • Free End-User support
  • 3 web templates in 19 colors variations
  • Setup of your own eCommerce site with unique domain name
  • Lots of other cool features...

This service is for $32.95 per month.

Managed Dedicated Server
You can have a dedicated server to fully avail power of managed dedicated server with unlimited resource availbility as well as no sharing with others.

The price plan could be found here.

I have positive impression of WebhostingRevenue.com as I have found following necessary resources for web hosting and managing.

In case one of your new year's resolution is about starting your own website and making it big for 2009 and beyound, you can take a look to WebhostingRevenue.com. This christmas they are offering 20% off their regular web hosting plans. You can use the promo code "CHRISTMAS08" to save for web hosting.

Now if you already have web site and using other web hosting company but would like to take adventage of all the cool features and tons of bonuses from WebhostingRevenue.com, that too possible. As a new customer for webhostingRevenue.com, when you sign up for webhostingRevenue shared hosting or reseller plan and send an email with proof of previous web hosting account cancellation, WebhostingRevenue.com will apply a $50 credit to your next invoice.

Apart from these two deals, you get tons of exclusive unique bonuses which you can use to grow your business, sell them for profit, apply for your business promotions, give it as bonus to your customer and do as you imagine.



Tips & Tricks : How to enable web inspector in Safari browser?

Tips & Tricks : How to enable web inspector in Safari browser?

Internet Explorer and Firefox both has goodies to allow web designer, developer and users to look inside rendered html page, its session, cookies, DOM, scripts and css etc. IE uses Microsoft IE developer tool bar, Fiddler and other proprietary add-ons. While Firefox comes with Firebug and lots of other extensions which allow you to inspect internals of rendered html page.

While Safari is cool. It is fast and well integrated with (Mac) os. Slick looks and connection with iTunes. But what if you need to inspect your cookies, urls, DOM, scripts and all other things for your website. How can you do that with Safari? There are two options right now we have.

  1. Firebug lite

  2. This is basically a JavaScript file which can be injected into any web page to stimulate some of the firebug features in browsers. Firebug lite generates variables to perform its magic and not to affect or impact existing HTML elements. These variables are "firebug" and "pl".

  3. WebKit’s Web Inspector Drosera
  4. WebKit is an open source web browser engine. WebKit is also the name of the Mac OS X system framework version of the engine that's used by Safari, Dashboard, Mail, and many other OS X applications.

    Drosera is a JavaScript debugger for WebKit that can be used with any application that uses WebKit. Like the Web Inspector, over 90% of it is written in HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Now I have made you curious mentioning about both of these tools. Let me share how to get these tools for your web development.

  • Enable Firebug Lite

  • If you prefer you can check in detail about Firebug lite here .

    In short you can use Firebug lite in three different ways.

    First you can add in line javascript to contain Firebug lite,
    second you can drag Firebug lite as a bookmarklet. On safari, I could not drag and drop the link to bookmark toolbar. But on IE I could.
    Third is to download it offline and install it.

  • WebKit’s Web Inspector Drosera

  • Provided you download, build and install Webkit as per instructions here.

    Either run following command from command window / terminal:

    defaults write com.apple.Safari WebKitDeveloperExtras -bool true


    Add an entry to WebKitPreferences file.


    WebKitPreferences file is supposedly found at C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\Apple Computer\Safari\ on windows and at ~/Library/Preferences/com.apple.Safai.plist on Mac. Better to use search/finder utility to find the file.

  • Develop Menu on Safari

  • This one allows you to use Develop menu which has web inspector, Error console, Network timeline etc. It needs web kit be installed or pre-installed.

    • This is been tried on Safari 3.2
    • You can open safari, then go to Edit > Preferences > Advanced properties tab.
    • Safari Advanced Preferences
    • After you check "Show Develop Menu in Menu bar", develop menu will appear quickly on top side:
    • Safari Develop Menu
    • If you click on develop menu, it will look as below:
    • Safari Develop MenuEnabled
    • Finally here is the web inspector


Friday, November 14, 2008

AccessDNA - Your Genetic Report - A cool web 2.0 social engineering site to access your DNA

I come across this cool web 2.0 social engineering site where you, your family members and genetic specialists come together to provide you with free personalized Genetic Report. The concept is great.

The site AccessDNA.com is easy to use, easy to navigate, easy to share with your family and friend as well easy to get in touch with board certified genetic counselor.

The highest strength of this website is that it uses principles of web 2.0 technologies to create ease for their visitors like :
  • In place dynamic content refreshing without round trip to server
  • social engineering based community access to your blood line relatives and experts
  • tabbed interface
  • option to invite family and friends,
  • convert online genetics report to PDF files
  • Excellent option to find right experts in your zip code and in your neighborhood
Another strength I have observed is their mission statement available here at About US -> Mission. As such genetics is very complex importantly

AccessDNA is dedicated to helping people understand and access their genetics.

As the science of “genetics” continues to rapidly evolve, there is a growing need to help people figure out what it all means and how to better understand and access their own genetics. From things like ancestry and baldness to serious genetic conditions like Alzheimer’s and diabetes, AccessDNA is the first online resource to help people:

  • Learn about hundreds of genetic tests, conditions, and providers;
  • Assess their own genetic risks;
  • Get expert advice from our own Board Certified Genetic Counselor; and
  • Connect with others to share and discuss a variety of issues on genetics.

By registering and completing your profile, our system will generate a personalized genetic report that helps you identify which genetic tests could be right for you. This report will provide easy access to relevant news, information, and online communities about the conditions and available genetic tests directly related to your profile. It can also be downloaded, printed, and shared with your physician.

Interestingly AccessDNA has been built by not only internet and web technology professionals but also with team of professionals who has backgrounds in science, medicine.

Another observation is that once I have finished completing my profile, I have received a personalized genetic report consists of advised test, that test's availability and approximate price. I click on the test, it expands into a blob containing information about the test, a link to learn more about the test and a quick search box to find a genetic professional in your zip code area.

Here is the landing page of AccessDNA, please give it a visit and learn something interestingly valuable.

Review of AccessDNA.com by Phoenix2Life


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Heartiest Congratulations to Elected President Mr. Barack Obama

Heartiest Congratulations to the newly elected President Mr. Barack Obama.

It is a victory of democracy. Nov 4th has witnessed the greatest turning in of voters to vote. What an amazing response for change ? Very interesting. Hum, the only thing which is constant and consistent is the continuous change. So surprising. And Mr. President has smartly put the reins on that and has inspired Americans.

The elected President has great challenges in the form of recession, global warming, energy crisis, economical issues like job loss,housing,credit cards, international politics etc in front of him and with such excellent support from the country he would definitely be successful. Of course, his stable,genuine,intelligent leadership will definitely be the key factor in this success in coming years.

All the best Mr. President. Wish you success,prosperity, best luck and wish you would bring economical prosperity, success to international peace efforts and better strategic partners in new world order, uplifting to common people lives, improve alternate energy research and help decrease global warming effects.

It has been tough fight between Senator Mr. John McCain who is the honorable American War Hero and Elected President Barack Obama. Mr. John McCain has given a gracious wonderful memorable speech which has been very patriotic, expressing grateful to his supporters and asking to support new president fully. This speech of Mr. John McCain has shown very heroic and great humane politician who is respecting democracy and loving America.

While watching on CNN, Grand Park, Chicago, the crowd is exhilarated and is celebrating, is so much exciting. America is the great country and ultimately it is the victory of Democracy.

Definitely this looks like the beginning of new era in the world history.

Wow...it is really one of the great election to be witnessed !!!

Cheers and Enjoy...

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Contest: Wasabi Media Group Giving "Thanks Give Away"

Wasabi Media Group (WMG) announces our largest contest ever.

To participate in Contest, visit SelectIndex Blog here.

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More About Wasabi Media Group and PBWiki

By the way, Wasabi Media Group (WMG) is a media company that is a subsidiary of Wasabi Ventures,LLC a venture capital firm and holding company.

Wasabi Media Group (WMG) is the home for numerous Web properties, including blogs, forums, and directories. These topic-specific Websites provide laser-focused content for their readers. At WMG’s Websites, visitors are more than readers. The Websites are interactive, allowing visitors to contribute their own original content.

WMG is the source for interest-specific niche networks. Through the staff of writers and the input of visitors, WMG offer a hub of informative and interesting knowledge.

PBwiki is the world's largest provider of hosted business and educational wikis. We host over 550,000 wikis, serve millions of users per month, and 96% of PBwiki business users would recommend PBwiki to a friend.

Hope you would join this contest and help your wallet get fatter bit more !!!!

Disney On Ice : World Of Fantasy - 1

Disney On Ice : World Of Fantasy - 1 photo blog post is moved to my photo blog here

Friday, October 3, 2008

An exciting new social investment community with innovative analytics : Inner 8

Well, last couple of weeks, I have been in horrific shock to see all my investment going down south and loosing money value seconds by seconds. It was quick sand sinking feeling. With watery eyes, I seen my 401K going down and my kids college savings becoming nothing. During those painful moments, I keep thinking what could be the best way to get out of this. Only if I have statistical tools and right advising friends around me, I could come out of it successfully.

And then I have noticed this awesome and exciting new social investment community “Inner 8” (yes, it is inner eight). I have moved ahead and have requested for invitation to join this Beta community to experience all the cool stuff which would be available for me and to help me out of all the financial troubles. I have received an invite couple of days ago and have found time to register to the Inner8 site.


inner 8

The front page is very simplistic but has powerful introduction about  community and its features. It has explained the reasons why to join the community. The reasons are Get Answers, Invest Wisely and Rich experience. That is what I am looking for during this crazy time of financial downturn, credit crunch and economical downturn. The registration is again simple one step process followed by an email to verify my existence in world.




inner 8


After conquering my entry through the gates of Inner 8, I have logged in to system. Wow, it is a crisp, neat and user friendly UI unveiled in front of me.  On top, there are four tabs Dashboard, Markets, Community, Tools, Get Ideas. The default tab which is been presented is Markets. This page has given me entire view of today’s market. It has been consisting of Market today, Inner 8 Market Forecast, Inner 8 Index Forecast, Community Sentiment, Inner 8 Forecast,  Market Movers, Inner 8 Sector forecast. Excellent !!! all the required analysis tools to see are available in one glance at one tab. That too with faster loading graphs, sliders to experiment and values to read.





I clicked on Dashboard to see more of this beauty. It is consisting of my activities in network, opinion summary – top 8 and bottom 8. As I have just started obviously I have nothing to see or read there. Apart from these portlets, there are connections and leaders portlets. Inner8 is intelligent enough to put a beginner at rest quickly. They have smartly provided two buttons to match me with existing members and to Get Ideas on active investments.

I could not resist myself to move to tools section. This section is the one I have been looking for. It allowed me to choose the business sector,  choose from the stock. One interesting feature I want to mention here is finding an unexpected investment opportunity.


Inner 8


Here is what Inner8 says about “Finding unexpected opportunities”

“When sectors move, stocks in other sectors can be affected. The stock finder uses historical data to reveal these unintuitive sector correlations:Top-Down analysis made easy! Based on your view of the market you'll provide you the list of stocks you need to focus on. Use the sliders to provide you sector outlook and we'll do the rest.”

This will allow any investor with curious mind and open mind to experiment on various market scenarios. It does generate some surprising results.



There are lots of more goodies hidden in this Beta version. As this is beta, it could change as per feedback, market condition and new ideas which would be added from various smart investors like you and me :D).

 I have been thoroughly mesmerized with ease, elegant richness of user interface with informative, analytical tool set and educative community which is getting build around these tools and ideas.

Well, it is not just this entire website, but I have liked the name Inner8. I have found its meaning…I could not resist myself to put it in words of site originators.

    “So what’s with the name?”

    Inner8 refers to your inner-circle of eight investing friends and Inner8 members. We found eight is a terrific starting point for optimizing our proprietary analytics - the heart of our intelligent investing community. Just like holding eight stocks or assets in a portfolio is acknowledged as the place where diversification occurs, it just made sense to create a name that perfectly balanced a smart, inner-circle of investors.




Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Tips & Tricks : Improving and optimizing Windows Vista

I have been using Windows Vista Home Premium and Windows Vista Ultimate since last couple of months. I can say I am impressed by its UI, search options, enhancements to start menu and dream scene wallpapers. All of that eye candy has given enough pleasure to me. But when I am utilizing my dual core machines with 4GB RAM and 250 GB HDD, I feel slowness. Then came Vista SP1,it did bring some life and performance in system.

Also I have upgraded my graphics card to NVidia 8800 when the prices came down. That given me some relief. Occasionally I have started using freeware tools for tasks like to defragment hard drive using Defraggler, to clean internet clutter using CCleaner and to defrag windows registry using AusLogics Registry Defrag, to remove un-required unnecessary programs Revo Uninstaller, to clean spyware/malware using Spybot & ThreadFire. This do added some performance boost to Vista.

Still my family has kept complaining that our machines are slow and does not work faster. Mostly their complaining was around internet access, loading of pages, opening tabs in IE and FireFox and playing Games.

But enough about "I" and "my" words. Recently I have come across two cool tools. One from official source of Vista i.e. Microsoft. Another is from Total idea.

First one which is from Microsoft. Microsoft has Springboard - overview series under which they are releasing some cool eBooks to be downloaded. A eBook "Overview Series: Windows Vista® Performance and Tuning" which Microsoft says will help readers to improve performance Quickly and Easily.

This guide focuses on performance improvements on a single computer, but also takes a look at some of the tools used in enterprise environments to help make performance tuning manageable on a much larger scale. This eBook is available in two formats :XPS and PDF.

Here is brief overview from Microsoft Download site:

Windows Vista and SP1 focus on delivering greater performance and overall system responsiveness. By striking a balance between speed and responsiveness, Windows Vista and SP1 deliver a level of performance that has the greatest positive impact on the system’s usability.This guide looks at the following areas of performance improvement:

• Making configuration changes that help a computer feel more responsive when you use it.
• Using hardware to boost the actual physical speed of a computer.
• Making configuration changes that help a computer to start faster.
• Making the computer more reliable may help increase performance.
• Monitoring performance occasionally so that you can stop problems before they get too big.

Second tool is an utility called Tweak VI. This is available as basic freeware and commercial edition. Total Idea site lists some of many features of Tweak VI utility as below:

  •  Activate hundreds of hidden Windows Vista settings to get the most out of your Vista
  •  Clean your registry with the integrated Registry Cleaner and Optimizer
  •  Activate system and software restrictions - you decide what should be accessible or not
  •  Display detailed system information on installed hardware
  •  Create a 256 MB RAM drive for fastest access
  •  protect your privacy and remove browsing and other usage left overs
  •  Clean your hard drive and remove unneccessary files to get wasted hard drive space back
  •  Manage TrueType fonts - disable unused to free up system resources
  •  Improve your internet connection by a few mouse clicks
  •  Repair .pst files, register your .pst files with Outlook with the included .pst file registration utility
  •  Optimize your RAM with the included memory optimizer
  •  Manage system updates, remove update backups
  •  You can even transfer your tweaks and settings to other machines running Vista

If you have tips and tricks to improve your windows installation, please do share !!!!

Resource List:

Piriform CCleaner is a freeware system optimization, privacy and cleaning tool. It removes unused files from your system - allowing Windows to run faster and freeing up valuable hard disk space. It also cleans traces of your online activities such as your Internet history. Additionally it contains a fully featured registry cleaner. But the best part is that it's fast (normally taking less than a second to run) and contains NO Spyware or Adware! :)

Another freeware is a file defragmentation tool... Piriform Defraggler! It differs from other defrag tools on the market, by enabling you to quickly and simply defrag the files you want to, without having to process the whole drive. Simply run it, select the file and defragment in seconds. No more struggling with the Windows defragmentation tool!

Revo Uninstaller helps you to uninstall and remove unwanted programs installed on your computer even if you have problems uninstalling and cannot uninstall them from "Windows Add or Remove Programs" control panel applet.

Enjoy !!!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Event List : Watch it live !!!

Event List : Watch it live !!!


Monday, September 29, 2008

Is Bailout Good or bad for the health of common people?

The bottom line is that Common people are going to suffer whether bailout happens or not. But not getting out the bailout,it has worse possible impact on the global economy and importantly on the lives of all common people who live check to check.

The issue of this economy going south has started with credit problems and housing bubble because of the bad mortgages, foreclosures, huge inventory of unsold houses etc. That need to fixed asap. Otherwise the market will not have credit liquidity, businesses will not have money, so lay offs will start happening and it will effect life of the common person. More the unemployment, more social issues. Already we have problems of fuel shortage and impacting not only daily routines which largely depends on fuel but also industrial and business productivity.

Do not forget that these common people who live their lives paying all of these debts and has kept economy alive for last couple of recessions. But now it is time to help this common person. Which in turn will help economy to turn around.

So there has to have bailout. This bailout need to help everybody not only just impacted businesses. The credit need to flow for this and a new strategy of better economical policies which can protect not only businesses but also interest and life of common people.

While providing bailout of $700billion, there has to have accountability for money which will be spent if been approved and has to provide great deal of transparency of utilization of that taxpayers money.

Again to come out of current crisis, let us rescue the companies which are been impacted. Do not let layoffs happen and do not let increase unemployment. Try to create new jobs by way of better preparing bailout policies while purchasing those toxic debts.

Importantly we, the common people, has to change from consumerist mind set to more frugal mindset. Not just spending money but also using various natural resources around us like water, pure air, gas, land, weather and forests. It is not only for this moment, for today but also for our future as a human race going forward.

May GOD bless human race through all these turmoils like economical crisis, global warming, natural calamities, terrorism and hunger. And hey, let us all try to be together in this interesting period of our life.

What do you think is this bailout is good or bad for all of us ??? Please let everybody know !!!

Cheers !!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

New Features of Google Maps

Wow...it is awesome...that is what I have said when I have noticed all those new cool features which are been added in Google Maps. Maybe I have noticed it long after it been added, I kind of guessing that I may not have missed actual launch. But anyway, I will celebrate now. :)

In one breath, I can say they have added wonderful things like

  • Street View

  • This is so nice. Click on "Street" button, and it will say to Zoom in to street level ...

    and next click on a small person icon will show you a photo of the actual street.

  • Photos and Wikipedia

  • Next feature is inclusion of options menu to choose to see photos and/or Wikipedia entries for the street. It is a check box option which enables and disables thumbnails from the street map.

  • Options to choose directions for Car, Walking and public transit

  • Right below "Get Directions" and source-destination address text boxes, there is one drop down box. This allows you to choose if you like to see directions for Cars or walking or public transit.

  • My Maps: Map Editor

  • Hum, looks Google want to make it easy to make your mark on the maps. My Maps will allow you to create maps, to draw shape and add test to it, to draw lines,to add a placemark and to set/edit maps.

    Then you can either collaborate or import those maps with easy single click.
    • Collaborate your creations

    • Import Map

    • Importing map is another cool idea which is been added. Import KML option will add map data from a KML, KMZ, or GeoRSS file to newly created map. It takes a little while depending on the speed of internet connection.

  • Know about Traffic

  • The traffic button either allow to see live traffic or to check what would be happening in near future.

  • Regular Options to see Regular Map or Satellite view or Terrain structure

There are many more things to tour around and to discover and to hack...

Here is the complete picture of Google Map :

so enjoy...and hey please do not forget to let me know which feature you like most....

Invitation to join "BlogCatalog group: LARGEST GROUP OF BLOGCATALOG"

Blogcatalog group has invited you to join the BlogCatalog group: LARGEST GROUP OF BLOGCATALOG

BlogCatalog.com is the fastest-growing social network for bloggers on the Internet. This is a community where bloggers connect, share ideas, and make things happen.

To join BlogCatalog, follow the link below:

To view the group, follow the link below:


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tips & Tricks : How to list contents ? on Linux/Unix or On Windows

It always happens that we would like to see what is inside that folder or inside that archive. No matter what type of contents are there, it is necessary to get it through listing those directories and archives.

So here are some handy tips, I use for my daily work:

  • Directory listing on Linux and Windows

  • Ever wonder how to see all the subfolders under main parent folder. Here is the trick to list all files and folders recursively.

    • This is on Linux/Unix

    • ls -R -1

    • This is on Windows

    • dir /s /b

  • Listing contents of archive files

  • On Linux/Unix and Windows, lots of time, in day's work it happens that we come across JAR, TAR, GZ,BZIP, RAR etc archive formats and before opening those FTPed or SCPed or magically appeared archives we do like to see if those are right archives.

    So here are some tips on that:

    • Listing tar file contents

    • tar -tvf tararchive.tar

    • Listing tar.gz file contents

    • tar -ztvf gzippedtararchive.tar.gz

    • Listing the contents of a tar.bz2 archive

    • tar -jtvf file.tar.bz2

    • Listing the contents of a Java archive (JAR,WAR,EAR etc)

    • jar tvf jararchive.jar

    • Listing contents of ZIP Archive. Assuming unzip is been installed on the linux box.

    • unzip -l zippedarchive.zip

    • Listing contents of RAR archive. Assuming unrar is been installed on the linux box.

    • unrar l rararchive.rar

    • Listing contents of GZIP or GUNZIP or GZCAT or ZCAT archive. Assuming either of these commands are installed on Linux box.

      gzip -l gziparchive.gz

      gunzip -l gunziparchive.gz

      zcat -l zcatarchive.Z

Please let me know if you have any such tricks to share with our readers. Feel free to put it in comments.


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Customer Appreciation Giveaway : MS21.2 - Multimedia Speaker System

MS21.2 - Multimedia Speaker System

Customer Appreciation Giveaway
Own a Website, Blog, or Social Profile?
We will send you FREE speakers to review.

Thanks to a blogger Barbara Baker (My Own Space) to point to add URL for this deal.

Just complete the instructions here: http://www.myfreespeakers.com/ and you are ready to go. So hurry, be the first to sign up and receive your free speakers now!

  • The link must exist for at least 60 days.

  • First 100 verified links get the PC speakers.

  • Speakers will be delivered within 30 days.

  • Our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions Apply

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    • Myspace (private profiles not applicable)

    • Facebook

    • Your Personal/Business Blog

    • Your Individual Website

  • ** Must be added your own site or profile

  • Pornographic and hate sites are not allowed.

  • What If I'm Not in the First 100?

    • - We'll Send Everyone a Discount Code for 10% Off any Order!

  • Offer open to US Residents only.

  • Shipping to US addresses only, no PO Box or APO.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Daily Deals Blog


Enjoy !!!

Help migrating birds : an online game at NY Audobon webSite

The website NY audobon hosts this cool, thrilling and edu-taining (education + entertainment) game of Migration. BTW , Audubon New York was established in 1996, to support National Audubon Society activities in New York State. Audubon's mission is to conserve and restore natural ecosystems, focusing on birds, other wildlife, and their habitats for the benefit of humanity and the earth's biological diversity.

The game helps to teach ( as well as to keep ) children how these winged migrants cross various states/countries/continentals. Good thing it does not need you to download anything on your machine. You would need a PC/Laptop/mobile device which has a browser with adobe flash player and an Internet connection.


When you visit Mission:Migration Game from your browser, it will open a small window with floating feather with label "<start>" as you can see on your left hand side. Then a dialogue about the game that states that 'a flock of birds needs to complete its seasonal migration and you have been selected to assist it...etc..etc.'.

audubon_mission_migration_game_1 After clicking on <continue>, you can choose your bird from four different bird species : Robin, Common Yellowthroat, red tale hawk and great egret. Each bird's information along with its speed, agility and stamina has been portrayed with its picture. Choose your bird and hit <continue>.

Next screen helps you to know that you can use up,down,left and right keys to guide your flock. You have to dodge hurdles like storms and planes. Speed up your flock by catching the jet streams.

Keep an eye on a meter with three colors : red-yellow-green. This is to reduce or to increase the seed. To flap wings click mouse or press "F" key.

Well, you are ready to help your birds to migrate. have a fun !!!

Audubon New York is dedicated to the protection of birds, other wildlife and their habitats through advocacy and education, serving as the state program of the National Audubon Society. Through a state Board of Directors and Council, 30 chapters, 50,000 members, a Nature Center network and sanctuary system, Audubon New York is providing conservation leadership based on sound science.

Audubon New York is dedicated to:

  • the protection of birds, other wildlife and their habitats

  • providing conservation leadership based on sound science

  • finding solutions to environmental challenges in order to enhance the enjoyment of nature and improve the quality of life for all New Yorkers

Enjoy !!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

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Friday, May 9, 2008

An Architectural and Enterprise Scalability : highscalability.com

As usual while lurking on internet for the search of the knowledge, I come across a very good site highscalability.com.

In today's world of internet, scalability is ever important than before. Especially given the fact that there is growing popularity of social engineering, crowdsourcing and grid networking happening out there. And this is in addition to all those ecommerce, online games, media streaming and movie/video up/down loading and what not. :D)

Here are some definitions of Scalability:

The ability to scale to support larger or smaller volumes of data and more or less users. The ability to increase or decrease size or capability in cost-effective increments with minimal impact on the unit cost of business and the procurement of additional services.

The ability to expand a computing solution to support large numbers of users without impacting performance.

A term that refers to how well a hardware and software system can adapt to increased demands. For example, a scalable network system would be one that can start with just a few nodes but can easily expand to thousands of nodes. Scalability can be a very important feature because it means the entity can invest in a system with confidence they will not quickly outgrow it.

Given the fact that scalability encompasses not only hardware and software but it contains processes, performance, support for growing number of users and ultimately the "Money$". Due to that it is extremely important to understand Scalability - Architecturally as well as Enterprise wide. That is the purpose of this website High Scalability.

The website's has a get started using High Scalability link which leads to a dedicated page. This has lots of cool reasons why we need to have such site. This is a nice concept I have started seeing in some really wonderful websites and HighScalability does a great job explaining their existence. :D) This page tells what to expect, how to read , how to contribute etc.

The top navigation menu bar gives links to Home,Start Here, Ask a Question, Real Life Architectures, All Weblinks, Glossary, Jobs, Submit a Link, Advertise, Contact. While the left hand naviagation side bar allows to perform Create content,Recent posts,Useful Books,Useful Products,Useful Strategies,Useful Blogs,Useful Papers etc.

The website is simple to navigate and a great architectural resource for establishing high performing enterprise resources.

What exactly impressed me is the list of popular contents for all the time. And that list do cover lots of architectural examples from real life business and high traffic websites like Amazon.com, Twitter, Google etc. Below is a quick list for kind reference:

Each blog article on real life architecture contains information source, platform, architectural challenges, strategy to work around or to fulfill those challenges, performance tips/tricks and some solid examples.

Overall an excellent resource for technical architects, system administrators as well as performance tuning/optimization team resources.

Thanks to high scalability...you have made my weekend !!!


Entrecard - Get 300 drops a day,

Tysblog.com has made it easier to drop your entrecards. Just visit this blog, follow the instructions and in the process Get 300 Entrecard credits a day - EASY!
Just follow this system…

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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Need ondemand virtual secretarial service then go to "My Own Secretary"

Well, this world has clearly two different versions going on right now. One lives in Physical real form. While second has life in Virtual form on "Internet". That fulfills everything ...all the human desires...all the business needs and also provide the speed and automation. I am experiencing outsourcing getting boost and world becoming virtual global village first hand. Not only we can outsource technology and BPM work but also very personal and on demand secretarial work too. I think that is enough of introduction. :D) I am talking about virtual secretarial service.

I come across the My Own Secretary website. The website is very nice. The top navigation has beautiful portrait of lush green field with bluish gray clouds. It is followed with two column templates with left hand navigation menu and next to it various related contents.

Apart from simplicity and ease of navigation of the website, I am really interested due to the services these enterpruners are providing. They are an on-demand administrative/virtual secretarial service that provides support to small and large firms across the world. They offer services from secretarial support to business consulting. They also mention that they strive to meet every need for any business whether large or small. The company do provide many options but specialize in secretarial support. Interesting fact is that they provide instant and professional support to those in need of a virtual secretary with guarantee of 110% of quality in their work. Which is backed by a claim that If customer is not satisfied with services, then their service will be free.

The business concept is different and yet very focused. That is fully supported by their website and its design.

They have good points why somebody may like to hire them:

# WE SAVE YOU MONEY & TIME: We help you expand your resources without hiring extra staff so you can avoid paying employee-related taxes, workers' compensation and health insurance. Plus, you won't have to purchase and/or maintain additional office space and equipment. Also you can focus more on other aspects of your business.
# WE PUT OUR CLIENTS FIRST : We work on projects beyond the average 9-5 secretary would. We work on projects all times of the day therefore there is no 5'o clock cut-off time.
# OUR EXPERIENCE: We have over 10 Years of experience in the administration and marketing fields and our business & marketing plan developers' requirements is to obtain at least a Masters degree to achieve the best quality for our clients.
# SEND REFFERALS FOR DISCOUNTS: If you bring us a referral who purchase our services, you will then receive a discount up to 60% off on your next quote.
# ONLINE ACCOUNT ACCESS: You can access your quotes, invoices, and services rendered at anytime. You can also pay your invoices through your online account. Your password will be given to you, which you can change at any time

Very well though out reasons and creative business tactics behind it.

This above mentioned business reasoning is vouched by their portfolio of the customer and client's testimonials available on the website. That is neat.

If this makes you curious and want to get started with their services, you can check their getting started link or may be directly go to get the quote for the service. :D)

Overall very positive concept. Keep it up guys,

Friday, May 2, 2008

Tips & Tricks : how to encrypt the clear text boot.properties manually in WebLogic Application Server?

This tip is useful for two purposes.

  1. First is to recover from invalid system password situation and

  2. second to encrypt the clear text boot.properties.

The trick is to execute File Realm Class from core weblogic.jar file.

  1. First Identify a user and/or the set of users who needs to recover an invalid system password or to encrypt the clear text boot.properties manually.

  2. Second Create a properties file with extension .src and Add all the users need to be defined within this file.

  3. Third execute the File Realm class.

Here is how it is done:

Comments are allowed within the file (preceded by the # sign), and for each user within the set a corresponding entry must be defined on its own new line within the file using the following format:


An example follows:

# define the WebLogic system to have the clear text password WebLogic

  • The newly created fileRealm input definition file (.src) can reside anywhere on the local file system.

  • When the input definition file has been created, the location of SerializedSystemIni.dat must be determined before the FileRealm class is executed from the command line.

  • SerializedSystemIni.dat provides an input seed (or salt) to the hashing phase of the encryption process, and that a password hashed with a specific salt can be successfully compared only to another password hashed by the same exact salt.

  • Therefore, the SerializedSystemIni.dat file, localized at the domain level and present within the security/ directory, has an explicit relationship to the passwords it hashes for the file realm of a given domain. Since WLS can't maintain a file realm in which the set of hashed passwords present have been seeded by different SerializedSystemIni.dat files, you should never mix passwords hashed by different salt files within the same file realm.

  • Set system class path to include the “weblogic.jar” file from the lib directory of the WLS installation.

  • Invoke the utility from the command line as follows:
    java weblogic.security.acl.internal.FileRealm \ <path_to_output_file>\<path_to_salt_file>

  • <path_to_output_file>-
    The path to the output file given by the first parameter should be identical to that of the input definition file, with the .src extension dropped for the output file.

    For example, if you had created the input definition file as mentioned in above steps in a folder:


    You’d now need to define the output file at


  • This accommodates the way the FileRealm class internally handles the location of the input definition file - it concludes its location by using the same path and name of the output file, yet it assumes the input file has the .src extension added to it.

  • <path_to_salt_file>-
    This contains a hash key (called salt) to encrypt clear text password. This
    Parameter defines the location of the SerializedSystemIni.dat file.

  • It is under folder
    <<bea_home>>\user_projects\domains\<<domain name>>\security

  • Upon execution, the FileRealm class will generate its hashed password outputs into the file defined by the first input parameter.

  • After completion of command execution, open output file in notepad.

    • To recover invalid system password Select encrypted Password
    • &copy it from that output files and paste that encrypted password to FileRealm.dat which is under following folder:
    • After completion of copy-paste and file save of FileRealm.properties file, start WLS server to test the password recently set for the <<domain>> user. If the password recovery was successful, the server will properly start and WLS will operate as expected.

    • To encrypt the clear textSelect encrypted Password & copy it from that output files and paste that encrypted password to boot.properties.


Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Microsoft Virtual Machine Manager 2008 : Beta Release

Microsoft Announces Beta of Virtual Machine Manager 2008

Microsoft has announced the formal name and beta availability of System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008, a member of the System Center suite of server management products. The announcements came April 29 at the Microsoft Management Summit in Las Vegas, which showcased the beta of the System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008 (VMM), managing both Hyper-V and VMware virtual infrastructure. Additional functionality new to this version of VMM includes Performance and Resource Optimization (Pro), which dynamically tunes virtual infrastructure, simplified virtual host cluster support, and other improvements and enhancements.

The public beta of Virtual Machine Manager 2008 is available now. RTM of the product will be in the second half of CY2008.


  • It will utilize the foundational features and services of windows server 2008 and Microsoft Hyper-V Server.
      Specific features are ,
    1. Hyper-V's 64-bit architecture
    2. attack hardened security model
    3. fail-over cluster support.
    4. VMM 2008 integrates with new clustering support in Windows Server 2008 to allow for fault-tolerant and cluster aware virtual machines to be created

  • Multi-vendor virtualization platform support like
    1. In addition to support for Hyper-V, VMM 2008 integrates multi-hypervisor management into one tool with its support for virtual machines running on VMware ESX infrastructure and Microsoft Virtual Server.
    2. VMM 2008 specific features such as Intelligent Placement, consolidation candidate recommendations and others can be run against virtualized infrastructure on any supported platform.
    3. Windows PowerShell™ scripts for customization or automation are also supported across Hyper-V, VMware ESX or Virtual Server implementations.
    4. VMM 2008 provides comprehensive support for VMware VI3 included moving virtual machines among virtual hosts with no downtime via VMotion, through integration with VMware’s Virtual Center.
    5. VMM 2008 specific features such as Intelligent Placement, consolidation candidate recommendations and others can be run against virtualized infrastructure on any supported platform.

  • Performance and Resource Optimization

  • Host Cluster Support for “High Availability” Virtual Machines.
    1. When you use VMM 2008 to manage a failover cluster on computers running Windows Server 2008, you can add the entire cluster in a single step. VMM 2008 automatically detects node additions and removals to the cluster. In addition, VMM 2008 enables you to manage (create, migrate, remove, and so on) highly available virtual machines (HA VMs) from the VMM Administrator Console or from the VMM command shell.

  • The beta release of VMM 2008 is capable of converting a VMware VMDK to a VHD.

  • A single instance of VMM is designed and tested to support hundreds of physical virtualization hosts and thousands of guest operating systems running on those hosts.

  • And some more stuff you can find here on Microsoft Virtual Machine Manager 2008 website,

Please visit Microsoft Connect and look for "System Center Virtual Machine Manager" from programs.

Requirements for Installation
To use VMM 208 on a single computer, you need:
• x64 architecture–based server with 2.8 GHz or faster processor clock speed and with hardware-assisted virtualization support enabled in the BIOS
• 2GB of RAM recommended
• 200GB of available hard-disk space
• DVD-ROM drive
Other Prerequisites and Dependencies:
• Microsoft Windows Server 2008 or later (must include Hyper-V)
• Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 (included in installation)
• Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 (included in installation)
• Microsoft SQL Server® 2005 Express Edition with Service Pack 2 (included in installation) or
Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Standard or Enterprise Editions with Service Pack 2 (separate installation)
• Microsoft Windows PowerShell TM 1.0
• Microsoft Windows Remote Management (WinRM)
• Microsoft Internet Information Server 7.0 (needed for Self-Service Portal only)
Actual requirements and product functionality will vary based on your system configuration and the features you choose to install. For more details and the most up-to-date information, please refer to the documentation at www.microsoft.com/systemcenter/scvmm


  1. VMM 2008 DataSheet

  2. Hardware requirements for System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008

  3. Top 10 Benefits of System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008

  4. Video about MS System Center Virtual Machine Manager is available on right hand side bar top corner.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Lists : For success, To measure Success and To repeat Success

Lists are so important. They already part of our life day and night. List of daily life chores, items, tasks, bills, receipts, photos, memories and everything. That gives us an idea what we are up to, where we need to go.

I would categories list into two categories. One is list of items to-do. Another is list of items which are done/accomplished/achieved. The list of items to-do shows us what need to achieved. It allows us to remain focused and stay aligned with the goals and objectives.

The list can start in morning with various simple tasks, get each task ticked off when complete, while items will be added depending on day's progress and then remaining tasks from the list will formulate the part of next day's list. And while looking back through the time and sighting those marked lists, it will give the sense of completion, progress and accomplishment at personal level and at team level too.

Each list may have some tasks which we do not like to do et all but needs to be done. Some tasks, we like to repeat endlessly but does not fits into the life and the concept of society. And sometimes the list has tasks which are important and which we like to do. Lists are either containing one time tasks like getting married or repetitive tasks like going to office/school everyday. The lists keep running and moving forward.

The lists can be prepared on paper, online on Internet, offline on napkins or might be inside our own mind. The place does not matter as long as the lists are followed to the end, completed tasks are marked and remaining & additional items are carried forward.

I have noticed the list gives senses of having in control of what need to be done in this world where the consistent thing is the change. It allows us to look forward for sensing what need to be done in future. The completed list gives us much needed feeling of accomplishment and energy to rise for the occasion for the tasks on the list in hand.

The list for shopping keeps the needs and the wishes pretty separate. It allows to achieve the budget. It allows to bring the items which are required and are urgent.

The list for daily tasks gives the glimpse of the day ahead. Each task then can be broken into small sub lists and can be executed one after another. Or the most difficult but important task could be performed earlier while leaving the smaller task for later part of the list. This reminds me a story.

One day a father approached his family. He had a glass jar, some stones and lots of sand. He asked his family to fill in the jar with all those items. Those who filled in the sand could not get stones in. While bigger stones took almost all the space. The father shown a trick. He broke the bigger stone and pushed the smaller stone pieces down in the glass jar. Then poured sand and then remaining stones. Voila, the jar been filled and nothing remained outside. :D)

Another observation, when there is a project... anything from cleaning house to achieving certain highly sought after deliverable with certain deadline, instead of breaking it in small task list and execute it at a time, mostly tendency is to wait till last moment and try to do that in one big bite. Well, not always this leads to success.

We need lists for success, to measure success and to repeat success. Isn't that your observation ? Can you tell if list make any difference ? How you list the items/tasks?


Sunday, April 27, 2008

Hey SocialCardster ... calling all of you out there...

The Term SocialCardSter is coined by The BenSpark (http://www.benspark.com/socialcardsters). This is for those bloggers who are on SocialSpark and on Entrecard.

Ben Spark is compiling a blogroll for all such "socialcardsters". :D)

Idea is that you can copy the blog roll and add it to your blog, if you like and then you can then add the SocialCardsters image to under your Entrecard widget. It would look like this. Ben’s commitment to this blogroll includes dropping on your blogs and clicking on the blog you are advertising. Both will help improve your EC worth. Ben will also try and comment each week, not each day, he still has a full time job and needs to blog himself but will try and comment when he can.


Tips & Tricks : Directly photoblog from Flickr to your blog

Discovered a cool trick on Flickr. It is to post a photo/video directly from Flickr to the blog.

Here is how you can do it:

First setup Flickr to Blogsite configuration as below:
  1. Login to your Flickr Account (obviously) :D)
  2. Choose "Your Account" from "You" menu.
  3. Click on "Extending Flickr".
  4. The "Extending Flickr" shows - your printing location, account links and "Your Blogs"
  5. Click "edit".
  6. On "Your Blog List" dialogue click on "add another blog".
  7. It presents a dialogue with drop down containing a list of all well known blog sites like blogger, typepad, wordpress, movable etc etc. Choose one - which is yours and press "Next"
  8. Depending on the blog website, it will present a page which can accept user id/password and blog URL. Enter all the information which is been asked and hit another "Next"
  9. Confirm your details and click on "All Done". This will give message "Your blog has been added to Flickr." and allow you to play with your blog posting template.
  10. As per your choice you may choose to customize the template. Positively, I have did it and would recommand to take a look. :D) Or you can choose to return to your blog list.
  11. You would be able to see your just configured blog in the blog list.

Now the Second step is to actually perform direct photoblog:

  1. Go back to your photstream.
  2. Choose a photo which you like to blog about.
  3. On top of the photo, you will see "blog this" link.
  4. Depending on the blogs in your configured blog list, it will present you the entire list and will allow you to choose one of the blog.
  5. Then a page with title Blog this photo, containing textbox & text area to compose your blog enter will be presented. Enter your photo related blog contents and click on "Post Entry".
  6. It will give you a success message "Your blog entry has been posted!"
  7. You can visit your blog either to check the post or to edit the blog post draft. Depending on your blog settings.


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Java2SoA Revolution. Dev2Dev TechDays : April 15th : Atlanta,GA

Dev2Dev TechDays Java2SOA Revolution

I have an opportunity to attend Java2SOA Revolution - Dev2Dev TechDays last week April 16th. The Dev2Dev TechDays are half day developer focused seminars that provide a guide for building SOA in Java. Presented by technical experts from throughout BEA – these events will inform about the latest technologies for extending Java2SOA.

Overall cool experience with lots of knowledge, demo and reusable code - about BEA product tools along with an opportunity to meet the like minded people from trenches. :D)


The venue was the Georgia Aquarium. Fantastically beautiful, dazzling and splendid blueish water filled vibrant, dynamic colorful sea creatures. What a perfect setting to learn more about BEA's Liquid vision about SOA. And another complement to the Liquid was the "AIR" from Adobe. Isn't it an excellent experience to live. The Liquid and the AIR at the same time. :D) With eight million gallons of fresh and marine water and more aquatic life than found in any other aquarium, Georgia Aquarium makes the perfect Venue for knowledge eager development community. The Oceans Ballroom is one of the exotic, spacious and flexible meeting space I have ever been. The cherry on top of the cream is that the Georgia Aquarium offers catering by the world-renowned Chef Wolfgang Puck and we have an opportunity to have continental breakfast, so we can concentrate on the business at hand surrounded by a gorgeous setting.

Event Sponsor : Adobe : Global Event Sponsor

These Dev2Dev TechDays event has been sponsered by Adobe. The Adobe Engg has given a fresh AIR demo alongside BEA Engg team. Adobe AIR enables to have favorite web applications as a offline widget or a disconnected portlet. I mean to say that Adobe AIR runtime lets developers use proven web technologies to build rich Internet applications that deploy to the desktop and run across operating systems.


Just in brief before I move ahead with agenda and demos etc stuff, I would like to share bit about BEA's Dev2Dev "By developers, for Developers" developer-product portal. It allow developers to "Get Involved" into "New to Java?" fundas, Blogs from industry experts, CodeShare, Newsgroups, Wiki, User Groups and allow you to "Submit Content/Code". Also it has Product Centers, Technology Centers and various resources containing Dev2Dev Media Center, utilities & tools etc. It is a one happening place. Apart from this portal, BEA has Arch2Arch and Exec2Exec. More about them in different blogs as time arise. :D)

One of the interesting announcement about one of the "coming soon" feature. It is about social networking integration into Facebook.

Dev2Dev Tech Days content

Dev2Dev Tech Days content is based on the new BEA WebLogic Platform 10.2 Evaluation guide. The guide is a comprehensive tour of WebLogic Platform 10.2 for the practitioner (developer, dev manager, architect) . The guide uses an end-to-end order management application scenario to demonstrate concepts. The demos are a small fraction of what is covered and available in the guide. The guide ties together all of demos into one tutorial application with step by step instructions and screenshots. It includes all source code / Eclipse projects. 500+ pages of optional exercises and discussion topics! Spotlight on Adobe Flex extends “Avitek” application scenario with Rich Internet UI. The downloads section on 10.2 Evaluation Guide allow to download Applications and Tools like BEA WebLogic Platform 10.2, WebLogic Workshop Studio 10.2 + Adobe Flex Builder 2 and Adobe Lifecycle Data Services Express. Also it has platform Evaluation source files.


Avitek is a consumer electronics company. Their existing Order Management System (OMS) requires enhancement, not re-write. The demos are centered around the OMS and various business use cases from that system. The source code and information can be found in 10.2 platform evaluation guide.

One interesting BEA Workshop Studio 10.2 and Adobe Flex Builder 2 : Medrec Patient Application Demo I have come across is on BEA Dev2Dev Media Center. It talks about how Flex & Workshop can be used to provide a single Java/Flex environment for RIA and WebLogic Server side development. The medrec example application that ships with WebLogic Server has been redesigned for new RIA technologies, and is constructed in three layers, the Web tier (Flex), the Business tier (Spring services exposed as Web Services), and the Data tier (ORM types and corresponding Spring DAOs). It uses Adobe and BEA's Eclipse plug-ins to address each layer of the application. Thanks to Spring, the web tier is replaceable without changing the other two, as they are unaware of what web technology is providing the view.


It covered following main items:

  1. The conceptual framework: SOA Reference Architecture
  2. Connectivity Services Layer & Demonstration
  3. Business Process Services Layer & Demonstration
  4. Service Mediation Layer & Demonstration
  5. Presentation Services Layer & Demonstration
  6. Flex in Presentation Services & Demonstration
  7. Continuing the Java2SOA Revolution at home
Below is an overview schedule for the day:
8:00 AM - 8:30 AMContinental Breakfast & Registration
8:30 AM - 10:00 AMBEA Welcome and Presentation
  • Developing POJO components
  • Extending POJO components into Java Web Services
  • Visually creating and testing integration process designs
  • Integrating processes into existing systems
10:00 AM - 10:15 AMBreak
10:15 AM - 11:15 AMBEA Presentation
  • Using Eclipse to Proxy enable Java Web Services
  • Configuring a proxy without development
  • Developing custom portlets in the presentation layer
  • Linking portlets into integration processes
11:15 AM - 11:45 AM Adobe presentation
  • Developing a Rich UI with Flex in Eclipse
  • Connecting a Flex UI to the back-end SOA
11:45 AMSummary & Q&A
12:00 PMClose

Resources Shared

Some of the resources which has been shared are:
  • WebLogic Portal's site to preview upcoming features, view new demos, and check out our latest ideas.
  • The SoA Reference Architecture White Paper and lots of other SOA Goodies:

  • James Ward - RIA Cowboy. He has presented on Rich UI with Flex in Eclipse and connecting it to the back-end SOA.
jamesward.com/census and http://www.jamesward.org/wordpress/

Goodie Bag

I walked out of the seminar with couple of cool goodies. A BEA think liquid folder containing beautiful blank T-Shirt, couple of DVDs with products, source code, education catalog and printed presentation. Also I have received tickets for Georgia Aquarium.

Overall a cheerful, bellyful, mindful, cool experience...Cheers...