Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Need ondemand virtual secretarial service then go to "My Own Secretary"

Well, this world has clearly two different versions going on right now. One lives in Physical real form. While second has life in Virtual form on "Internet". That fulfills everything ...all the human desires...all the business needs and also provide the speed and automation. I am experiencing outsourcing getting boost and world becoming virtual global village first hand. Not only we can outsource technology and BPM work but also very personal and on demand secretarial work too. I think that is enough of introduction. :D) I am talking about virtual secretarial service.

I come across the My Own Secretary website. The website is very nice. The top navigation has beautiful portrait of lush green field with bluish gray clouds. It is followed with two column templates with left hand navigation menu and next to it various related contents.

Apart from simplicity and ease of navigation of the website, I am really interested due to the services these enterpruners are providing. They are an on-demand administrative/virtual secretarial service that provides support to small and large firms across the world. They offer services from secretarial support to business consulting. They also mention that they strive to meet every need for any business whether large or small. The company do provide many options but specialize in secretarial support. Interesting fact is that they provide instant and professional support to those in need of a virtual secretary with guarantee of 110% of quality in their work. Which is backed by a claim that If customer is not satisfied with services, then their service will be free.

The business concept is different and yet very focused. That is fully supported by their website and its design.

They have good points why somebody may like to hire them:

# WE SAVE YOU MONEY & TIME: We help you expand your resources without hiring extra staff so you can avoid paying employee-related taxes, workers' compensation and health insurance. Plus, you won't have to purchase and/or maintain additional office space and equipment. Also you can focus more on other aspects of your business.
# WE PUT OUR CLIENTS FIRST : We work on projects beyond the average 9-5 secretary would. We work on projects all times of the day therefore there is no 5'o clock cut-off time.
# OUR EXPERIENCE: We have over 10 Years of experience in the administration and marketing fields and our business & marketing plan developers' requirements is to obtain at least a Masters degree to achieve the best quality for our clients.
# SEND REFFERALS FOR DISCOUNTS: If you bring us a referral who purchase our services, you will then receive a discount up to 60% off on your next quote.
# ONLINE ACCOUNT ACCESS: You can access your quotes, invoices, and services rendered at anytime. You can also pay your invoices through your online account. Your password will be given to you, which you can change at any time

Very well though out reasons and creative business tactics behind it.

This above mentioned business reasoning is vouched by their portfolio of the customer and client's testimonials available on the website. That is neat.

If this makes you curious and want to get started with their services, you can check their getting started link or may be directly go to get the quote for the service. :D)

Overall very positive concept. Keep it up guys,

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bob said...

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