Friday, October 3, 2008

An exciting new social investment community with innovative analytics : Inner 8

Well, last couple of weeks, I have been in horrific shock to see all my investment going down south and loosing money value seconds by seconds. It was quick sand sinking feeling. With watery eyes, I seen my 401K going down and my kids college savings becoming nothing. During those painful moments, I keep thinking what could be the best way to get out of this. Only if I have statistical tools and right advising friends around me, I could come out of it successfully.

And then I have noticed this awesome and exciting new social investment community “Inner 8” (yes, it is inner eight). I have moved ahead and have requested for invitation to join this Beta community to experience all the cool stuff which would be available for me and to help me out of all the financial troubles. I have received an invite couple of days ago and have found time to register to the Inner8 site.


inner 8

The front page is very simplistic but has powerful introduction about  community and its features. It has explained the reasons why to join the community. The reasons are Get Answers, Invest Wisely and Rich experience. That is what I am looking for during this crazy time of financial downturn, credit crunch and economical downturn. The registration is again simple one step process followed by an email to verify my existence in world.




inner 8


After conquering my entry through the gates of Inner 8, I have logged in to system. Wow, it is a crisp, neat and user friendly UI unveiled in front of me.  On top, there are four tabs Dashboard, Markets, Community, Tools, Get Ideas. The default tab which is been presented is Markets. This page has given me entire view of today’s market. It has been consisting of Market today, Inner 8 Market Forecast, Inner 8 Index Forecast, Community Sentiment, Inner 8 Forecast,  Market Movers, Inner 8 Sector forecast. Excellent !!! all the required analysis tools to see are available in one glance at one tab. That too with faster loading graphs, sliders to experiment and values to read.





I clicked on Dashboard to see more of this beauty. It is consisting of my activities in network, opinion summary – top 8 and bottom 8. As I have just started obviously I have nothing to see or read there. Apart from these portlets, there are connections and leaders portlets. Inner8 is intelligent enough to put a beginner at rest quickly. They have smartly provided two buttons to match me with existing members and to Get Ideas on active investments.

I could not resist myself to move to tools section. This section is the one I have been looking for. It allowed me to choose the business sector,  choose from the stock. One interesting feature I want to mention here is finding an unexpected investment opportunity.


Inner 8


Here is what Inner8 says about “Finding unexpected opportunities”

“When sectors move, stocks in other sectors can be affected. The stock finder uses historical data to reveal these unintuitive sector correlations:Top-Down analysis made easy! Based on your view of the market you'll provide you the list of stocks you need to focus on. Use the sliders to provide you sector outlook and we'll do the rest.”

This will allow any investor with curious mind and open mind to experiment on various market scenarios. It does generate some surprising results.



There are lots of more goodies hidden in this Beta version. As this is beta, it could change as per feedback, market condition and new ideas which would be added from various smart investors like you and me :D).

 I have been thoroughly mesmerized with ease, elegant richness of user interface with informative, analytical tool set and educative community which is getting build around these tools and ideas.

Well, it is not just this entire website, but I have liked the name Inner8. I have found its meaning…I could not resist myself to put it in words of site originators.

    “So what’s with the name?”

    Inner8 refers to your inner-circle of eight investing friends and Inner8 members. We found eight is a terrific starting point for optimizing our proprietary analytics - the heart of our intelligent investing community. Just like holding eight stocks or assets in a portfolio is acknowledged as the place where diversification occurs, it just made sense to create a name that perfectly balanced a smart, inner-circle of investors.





The Logisitician said...

These days, one needs all of the tools that one can acquire. Thanks for sharing.

Beau71 said...

Interesting website. I am not sure how much I would trust Inner8 over a CFA or a CMA. I think that Inner8 may be a great tool to use as a backup or to verify things that you have discovered or have been told.

The World's Worst Stock Picker said...

Lehman had a lot of cfa's and cma's and look what happened to them. I am on the inner 8 network as thr World Worst Stock Picker.