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Java2SoA Revolution. Dev2Dev TechDays : April 15th : Atlanta,GA

Dev2Dev TechDays Java2SOA Revolution

I have an opportunity to attend Java2SOA Revolution - Dev2Dev TechDays last week April 16th. The Dev2Dev TechDays are half day developer focused seminars that provide a guide for building SOA in Java. Presented by technical experts from throughout BEA – these events will inform about the latest technologies for extending Java2SOA.

Overall cool experience with lots of knowledge, demo and reusable code - about BEA product tools along with an opportunity to meet the like minded people from trenches. :D)


The venue was the Georgia Aquarium. Fantastically beautiful, dazzling and splendid blueish water filled vibrant, dynamic colorful sea creatures. What a perfect setting to learn more about BEA's Liquid vision about SOA. And another complement to the Liquid was the "AIR" from Adobe. Isn't it an excellent experience to live. The Liquid and the AIR at the same time. :D) With eight million gallons of fresh and marine water and more aquatic life than found in any other aquarium, Georgia Aquarium makes the perfect Venue for knowledge eager development community. The Oceans Ballroom is one of the exotic, spacious and flexible meeting space I have ever been. The cherry on top of the cream is that the Georgia Aquarium offers catering by the world-renowned Chef Wolfgang Puck and we have an opportunity to have continental breakfast, so we can concentrate on the business at hand surrounded by a gorgeous setting.

Event Sponsor : Adobe : Global Event Sponsor

These Dev2Dev TechDays event has been sponsered by Adobe. The Adobe Engg has given a fresh AIR demo alongside BEA Engg team. Adobe AIR enables to have favorite web applications as a offline widget or a disconnected portlet. I mean to say that Adobe AIR runtime lets developers use proven web technologies to build rich Internet applications that deploy to the desktop and run across operating systems.


Just in brief before I move ahead with agenda and demos etc stuff, I would like to share bit about BEA's Dev2Dev "By developers, for Developers" developer-product portal. It allow developers to "Get Involved" into "New to Java?" fundas, Blogs from industry experts, CodeShare, Newsgroups, Wiki, User Groups and allow you to "Submit Content/Code". Also it has Product Centers, Technology Centers and various resources containing Dev2Dev Media Center, utilities & tools etc. It is a one happening place. Apart from this portal, BEA has Arch2Arch and Exec2Exec. More about them in different blogs as time arise. :D)

One of the interesting announcement about one of the "coming soon" feature. It is about social networking integration into Facebook.

Dev2Dev Tech Days content

Dev2Dev Tech Days content is based on the new BEA WebLogic Platform 10.2 Evaluation guide. The guide is a comprehensive tour of WebLogic Platform 10.2 for the practitioner (developer, dev manager, architect) . The guide uses an end-to-end order management application scenario to demonstrate concepts. The demos are a small fraction of what is covered and available in the guide. The guide ties together all of demos into one tutorial application with step by step instructions and screenshots. It includes all source code / Eclipse projects. 500+ pages of optional exercises and discussion topics! Spotlight on Adobe Flex extends “Avitek” application scenario with Rich Internet UI. The downloads section on 10.2 Evaluation Guide allow to download Applications and Tools like BEA WebLogic Platform 10.2, WebLogic Workshop Studio 10.2 + Adobe Flex Builder 2 and Adobe Lifecycle Data Services Express. Also it has platform Evaluation source files.


Avitek is a consumer electronics company. Their existing Order Management System (OMS) requires enhancement, not re-write. The demos are centered around the OMS and various business use cases from that system. The source code and information can be found in 10.2 platform evaluation guide.

One interesting BEA Workshop Studio 10.2 and Adobe Flex Builder 2 : Medrec Patient Application Demo I have come across is on BEA Dev2Dev Media Center. It talks about how Flex & Workshop can be used to provide a single Java/Flex environment for RIA and WebLogic Server side development. The medrec example application that ships with WebLogic Server has been redesigned for new RIA technologies, and is constructed in three layers, the Web tier (Flex), the Business tier (Spring services exposed as Web Services), and the Data tier (ORM types and corresponding Spring DAOs). It uses Adobe and BEA's Eclipse plug-ins to address each layer of the application. Thanks to Spring, the web tier is replaceable without changing the other two, as they are unaware of what web technology is providing the view.


It covered following main items:

  1. The conceptual framework: SOA Reference Architecture
  2. Connectivity Services Layer & Demonstration
  3. Business Process Services Layer & Demonstration
  4. Service Mediation Layer & Demonstration
  5. Presentation Services Layer & Demonstration
  6. Flex in Presentation Services & Demonstration
  7. Continuing the Java2SOA Revolution at home
Below is an overview schedule for the day:
8:00 AM - 8:30 AMContinental Breakfast & Registration
8:30 AM - 10:00 AMBEA Welcome and Presentation
  • Developing POJO components
  • Extending POJO components into Java Web Services
  • Visually creating and testing integration process designs
  • Integrating processes into existing systems
10:00 AM - 10:15 AMBreak
10:15 AM - 11:15 AMBEA Presentation
  • Using Eclipse to Proxy enable Java Web Services
  • Configuring a proxy without development
  • Developing custom portlets in the presentation layer
  • Linking portlets into integration processes
11:15 AM - 11:45 AM Adobe presentation
  • Developing a Rich UI with Flex in Eclipse
  • Connecting a Flex UI to the back-end SOA
11:45 AMSummary & Q&A
12:00 PMClose

Resources Shared

Some of the resources which has been shared are:
  • WebLogic Portal's site to preview upcoming features, view new demos, and check out our latest ideas.
  • The SoA Reference Architecture White Paper and lots of other SOA Goodies:

  • James Ward - RIA Cowboy. He has presented on Rich UI with Flex in Eclipse and connecting it to the back-end SOA.
jamesward.com/census and http://www.jamesward.org/wordpress/

Goodie Bag

I walked out of the seminar with couple of cool goodies. A BEA think liquid folder containing beautiful blank T-Shirt, couple of DVDs with products, source code, education catalog and printed presentation. Also I have received tickets for Georgia Aquarium.

Overall a cheerful, bellyful, mindful, cool experience...Cheers...

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