Sunday, April 27, 2008

Tips & Tricks : Directly photoblog from Flickr to your blog

Discovered a cool trick on Flickr. It is to post a photo/video directly from Flickr to the blog.

Here is how you can do it:

First setup Flickr to Blogsite configuration as below:
  1. Login to your Flickr Account (obviously) :D)
  2. Choose "Your Account" from "You" menu.
  3. Click on "Extending Flickr".
  4. The "Extending Flickr" shows - your printing location, account links and "Your Blogs"
  5. Click "edit".
  6. On "Your Blog List" dialogue click on "add another blog".
  7. It presents a dialogue with drop down containing a list of all well known blog sites like blogger, typepad, wordpress, movable etc etc. Choose one - which is yours and press "Next"
  8. Depending on the blog website, it will present a page which can accept user id/password and blog URL. Enter all the information which is been asked and hit another "Next"
  9. Confirm your details and click on "All Done". This will give message "Your blog has been added to Flickr." and allow you to play with your blog posting template.
  10. As per your choice you may choose to customize the template. Positively, I have did it and would recommand to take a look. :D) Or you can choose to return to your blog list.
  11. You would be able to see your just configured blog in the blog list.

Now the Second step is to actually perform direct photoblog:

  1. Go back to your photstream.
  2. Choose a photo which you like to blog about.
  3. On top of the photo, you will see "blog this" link.
  4. Depending on the blogs in your configured blog list, it will present you the entire list and will allow you to choose one of the blog.
  5. Then a page with title Blog this photo, containing textbox & text area to compose your blog enter will be presented. Enter your photo related blog contents and click on "Post Entry".
  6. It will give you a success message "Your blog entry has been posted!"
  7. You can visit your blog either to check the post or to edit the blog post draft. Depending on your blog settings.


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