Friday, May 9, 2008

An Architectural and Enterprise Scalability : highscalability.com

As usual while lurking on internet for the search of the knowledge, I come across a very good site highscalability.com.

In today's world of internet, scalability is ever important than before. Especially given the fact that there is growing popularity of social engineering, crowdsourcing and grid networking happening out there. And this is in addition to all those ecommerce, online games, media streaming and movie/video up/down loading and what not. :D)

Here are some definitions of Scalability:

The ability to scale to support larger or smaller volumes of data and more or less users. The ability to increase or decrease size or capability in cost-effective increments with minimal impact on the unit cost of business and the procurement of additional services.

The ability to expand a computing solution to support large numbers of users without impacting performance.

A term that refers to how well a hardware and software system can adapt to increased demands. For example, a scalable network system would be one that can start with just a few nodes but can easily expand to thousands of nodes. Scalability can be a very important feature because it means the entity can invest in a system with confidence they will not quickly outgrow it.

Given the fact that scalability encompasses not only hardware and software but it contains processes, performance, support for growing number of users and ultimately the "Money$". Due to that it is extremely important to understand Scalability - Architecturally as well as Enterprise wide. That is the purpose of this website High Scalability.

The website's has a get started using High Scalability link which leads to a dedicated page. This has lots of cool reasons why we need to have such site. This is a nice concept I have started seeing in some really wonderful websites and HighScalability does a great job explaining their existence. :D) This page tells what to expect, how to read , how to contribute etc.

The top navigation menu bar gives links to Home,Start Here, Ask a Question, Real Life Architectures, All Weblinks, Glossary, Jobs, Submit a Link, Advertise, Contact. While the left hand naviagation side bar allows to perform Create content,Recent posts,Useful Books,Useful Products,Useful Strategies,Useful Blogs,Useful Papers etc.

The website is simple to navigate and a great architectural resource for establishing high performing enterprise resources.

What exactly impressed me is the list of popular contents for all the time. And that list do cover lots of architectural examples from real life business and high traffic websites like Amazon.com, Twitter, Google etc. Below is a quick list for kind reference:

Each blog article on real life architecture contains information source, platform, architectural challenges, strategy to work around or to fulfill those challenges, performance tips/tricks and some solid examples.

Overall an excellent resource for technical architects, system administrators as well as performance tuning/optimization team resources.

Thanks to high scalability...you have made my weekend !!!


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Todd Hoff said...

Wow, that was very nice. Thanks. Glad you like the site.

I'm happy you picked up on the "Start Here" page. On many sites I get frustrated that I don't know what the site is about, what to expect, or how to use it. So I tried to solve all those problem with the "Start Here" page. It seemed to work, for you at least :-)