Friday, November 14, 2008

AccessDNA - Your Genetic Report - A cool web 2.0 social engineering site to access your DNA

I come across this cool web 2.0 social engineering site where you, your family members and genetic specialists come together to provide you with free personalized Genetic Report. The concept is great.

The site AccessDNA.com is easy to use, easy to navigate, easy to share with your family and friend as well easy to get in touch with board certified genetic counselor.

The highest strength of this website is that it uses principles of web 2.0 technologies to create ease for their visitors like :
  • In place dynamic content refreshing without round trip to server
  • social engineering based community access to your blood line relatives and experts
  • tabbed interface
  • option to invite family and friends,
  • convert online genetics report to PDF files
  • Excellent option to find right experts in your zip code and in your neighborhood
Another strength I have observed is their mission statement available here at About US -> Mission. As such genetics is very complex importantly

AccessDNA is dedicated to helping people understand and access their genetics.

As the science of “genetics” continues to rapidly evolve, there is a growing need to help people figure out what it all means and how to better understand and access their own genetics. From things like ancestry and baldness to serious genetic conditions like Alzheimer’s and diabetes, AccessDNA is the first online resource to help people:

  • Learn about hundreds of genetic tests, conditions, and providers;
  • Assess their own genetic risks;
  • Get expert advice from our own Board Certified Genetic Counselor; and
  • Connect with others to share and discuss a variety of issues on genetics.

By registering and completing your profile, our system will generate a personalized genetic report that helps you identify which genetic tests could be right for you. This report will provide easy access to relevant news, information, and online communities about the conditions and available genetic tests directly related to your profile. It can also be downloaded, printed, and shared with your physician.

Interestingly AccessDNA has been built by not only internet and web technology professionals but also with team of professionals who has backgrounds in science, medicine.

Another observation is that once I have finished completing my profile, I have received a personalized genetic report consists of advised test, that test's availability and approximate price. I click on the test, it expands into a blob containing information about the test, a link to learn more about the test and a quick search box to find a genetic professional in your zip code area.

Here is the landing page of AccessDNA, please give it a visit and learn something interestingly valuable.

Review of AccessDNA.com by Phoenix2Life


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Heartiest Congratulations to Elected President Mr. Barack Obama

Heartiest Congratulations to the newly elected President Mr. Barack Obama.

It is a victory of democracy. Nov 4th has witnessed the greatest turning in of voters to vote. What an amazing response for change ? Very interesting. Hum, the only thing which is constant and consistent is the continuous change. So surprising. And Mr. President has smartly put the reins on that and has inspired Americans.

The elected President has great challenges in the form of recession, global warming, energy crisis, economical issues like job loss,housing,credit cards, international politics etc in front of him and with such excellent support from the country he would definitely be successful. Of course, his stable,genuine,intelligent leadership will definitely be the key factor in this success in coming years.

All the best Mr. President. Wish you success,prosperity, best luck and wish you would bring economical prosperity, success to international peace efforts and better strategic partners in new world order, uplifting to common people lives, improve alternate energy research and help decrease global warming effects.

It has been tough fight between Senator Mr. John McCain who is the honorable American War Hero and Elected President Barack Obama. Mr. John McCain has given a gracious wonderful memorable speech which has been very patriotic, expressing grateful to his supporters and asking to support new president fully. This speech of Mr. John McCain has shown very heroic and great humane politician who is respecting democracy and loving America.

While watching on CNN, Grand Park, Chicago, the crowd is exhilarated and is celebrating, is so much exciting. America is the great country and ultimately it is the victory of Democracy.

Definitely this looks like the beginning of new era in the world history.

Wow...it is really one of the great election to be witnessed !!!

Cheers and Enjoy...

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Contest: Wasabi Media Group Giving "Thanks Give Away"

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More About Wasabi Media Group and PBWiki

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Disney On Ice : World Of Fantasy - 1

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