Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Feed2JS : The online GNU utility to convert RSS to JavaScript

powered by feed2js @ Modevia Web Services
Powered by Feed2JS @ Modevia Web Services

Feed2JS : The online GNU utility to convert RSS to JavaScript.

I have been searching web for converting various RSS Feeds into JavaScript and displaying it on my blog post. While researching I come across this neat online GNU licensed based utility called Feed2JS. In fact, I have liked the idea, the implementation and the ease to use the tool so much, I have experimented it to display my Top Entrecard droppers for April'09 RSS feed from EntreCard as well as my favorite Apple iTunes Store Top Featured Items.

This allows to input RSS feed url, choose some parameters and click on "Generate JavaScript", voila you are ready to display the feed on your blog.

Feed2JS is been developed by Alan Levine. The hosting of this open source utility is provided by Modevia Web Services. Most of you who are keenly observant has already noticed that in Feed2JS badge on top right corner.

Before jumping into how to use this cool tool for your benefit, let us look at what is it made up of. Feed2JS uses Magpie RSS. Magpie RSS is an XML-based (expat) RSS parser in PHP. Magpie is distributed under the GPL license. Apart from this core component, Feed2JS is using eduforge.org "Innovation For Education" for its configuration management purpose.

Now to interesting part. How to use it to convert your RSS feed to javascript using Feed2JS service. Ofcourse you will need RSS link. Go to Feed2JS.org page and input it to the text box, rest follow the series of questions, either click on Preview Feed or generate JavaScript. That is it. Everything is very intutive.


Once you have your Feed Javascript ready, just copy it. Add a

block and paste the feed javascript. You are ready to shine !!!


Friday, May 1, 2009

Top Entrecard droppers for April'09

Top Entrecard droppers for April'09

Thanks to all of my visitors who always motivate me to write, to research something new, to click that extra photo and to think. :D)

Here are special thanks to all of top entrecard dropper for April'09

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