Monday, August 25, 2008

New Features of Google Maps

Wow...it is awesome...that is what I have said when I have noticed all those new cool features which are been added in Google Maps. Maybe I have noticed it long after it been added, I kind of guessing that I may not have missed actual launch. But anyway, I will celebrate now. :)

In one breath, I can say they have added wonderful things like

  • Street View

  • This is so nice. Click on "Street" button, and it will say to Zoom in to street level ...

    and next click on a small person icon will show you a photo of the actual street.

  • Photos and Wikipedia

  • Next feature is inclusion of options menu to choose to see photos and/or Wikipedia entries for the street. It is a check box option which enables and disables thumbnails from the street map.

  • Options to choose directions for Car, Walking and public transit

  • Right below "Get Directions" and source-destination address text boxes, there is one drop down box. This allows you to choose if you like to see directions for Cars or walking or public transit.

  • My Maps: Map Editor

  • Hum, looks Google want to make it easy to make your mark on the maps. My Maps will allow you to create maps, to draw shape and add test to it, to draw lines,to add a placemark and to set/edit maps.

    Then you can either collaborate or import those maps with easy single click.
    • Collaborate your creations

    • Import Map

    • Importing map is another cool idea which is been added. Import KML option will add map data from a KML, KMZ, or GeoRSS file to newly created map. It takes a little while depending on the speed of internet connection.

  • Know about Traffic

  • The traffic button either allow to see live traffic or to check what would be happening in near future.

  • Regular Options to see Regular Map or Satellite view or Terrain structure

There are many more things to tour around and to discover and to hack...

Here is the complete picture of Google Map :

so enjoy...and hey please do not forget to let me know which feature you like most....


Vishal Nair said...

Very good review about Google Maps. It is educating to know that so many new features has been added.

Can you write in detail about Google's new browser called Chrome with pictures ? That could be interesting.

Melissa said...

Came here to drop your EC and give some comments to your post since I love to receive comments to my post too.

Jack Payne said...

The new Google Maps make for a navigation dream.

sasidesign said...

nice review about google maps,
thanks for sharing