Friday, August 7, 2009

Time and Date 12:34:56 07:08:09

At 12 Hrs. 34 Minutes and 56 Seconds on 7th of August ( i.e. today ) of this year 2009, the time and date will/was

12:34:56 07:08:09.

Amazing 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 - combination which is told to happen once in 1000 Years.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Del.icio.us Twitter Together A Nice Concept

Del.icio.us Twitter Together A Nice Concept

Interestingly Del.icio.us a social bookmarking website has put an enhancement. It has added an edge with allowing a feature to let users share their bookmarks to Twitter.Of course there are more stuff with this enhancement. Like they have consolidated network tagging which used to available in Del.icio.us before as well as has added email service.

Del.icio.us Twitter Together is a Nice Concept. Most of the time, it is the case that you think you have discovered something useful and wish you could directly send this link to your friends-colleagues-social network. But you end of going to some URL shrinking site and then to twitter. In these extra steps, you loose momentum and waste couple of clicks with extra tabs/pages. :D) So this integration of Delicious book marks with Twitter remove that extra efforts, time and clicks. So you are now free to share your findings with the world.

This enhancement adds two things to your Save the book mark page. First it has added "Send" text box below tags textbox plus it has added two tabs at the bottom. First one is tags and second tab is "Send" with nice "new" tooltip image.

The trick is to choose Twitter on Send tab and fill in your twitter user id and password first time. Then as usual Twitter account will need you to allow access to Del.icio.us APIs.

After you allow Del.icio.us to access your twitter user id, in the "Send" text box, you will fill @twitter. Boom...there you go..your bookmark now will be tweeted along with Del.icio.us book mark safe. :D

But hey you do not want to share some private bookmarks then you can check it as "
Mark as Private" and it will not be sent to twitter.

Also I have noticed on Del.icio.us that below the bookmark - link, contributors and short information para - there is simpler information about {{number of}} related Tweets been displayed. Hum...may be Del.icio.us could allow me to use my bit.ly or su.pr or TinyURL while letting me share my book marks socially on twitter as well as tracking how many clicks I have for that link. May be it can be part of our wish list. What you think... :D


Colleagues and appraisal

I have overheard this conversation.

One of the colleague who was speaking with another.

First colleague said " I am looking over your shoulders just to make sure you are working fine."

Second colleague assertively said "Oh, Yeah !!! Sure you can look over to check if I am working or not but make sure of you pass on part of your salary as a part of my appraisal !!!"