Friday, November 6, 2009

AudioPal A cool free online utility to convert text to speech and voice recording

AudioPal A cool free online utility to convert text to speech and voice recording

Audio Pal Editor

Sometimes you would think whatever text you are typing or reading get converted to voice and somebody else could hear it if they like to. :)

Well, there are such text to voice softwares out there. Also there are softwares which can convert your voice to text.

I have come across this cool free online utility "AudioPal". This allows you "free" to convert your text to speech or to record a voice.

You have four different methods to input that textual thoughts of your to AudioPal. You can go AudioPal website and click to get to AudioPal Editor.

  1. Record your message by phone
  2. Recording your message is three steps process...
    • You can call a toll free number which is given here,
    • key in the passcode which is shown on AudiPal Editor and
    • then record your message.
    The recorded message can be previewed right on the editor. The recorded message would be forwarded to you using an email which you will have an opportunity to share.
  3. Type in your text using keyboard
  4. This is one of the cool option. This is again couple of simple steps to reach to get your text recorded in speech.
    • Type your 600 character text message.
    • Choose in which language you want to record this text message.
    • Then you can select whose voice you want your text message.
    That is it. You are ready to get your text message in different language and various voices.Rest is as it is. Preview and provide email to pick up your AudioPal message.
  5. Record using your computer Mic
  6. Simple. Record, preview and provide email to pick up AudioPal recording. That's it.
  7. Upload an audio file from your computer
  8. Just upload the file, follow the instructions and get your Audio in email.
After you receive an email, it will have a link to pickup a widget code for AudioPal entry you have made. There are lots of social sites to which they provide the sharing code.

Here is my experiment from AudioPal...

Hope you enjoy it...Go ahead Give a voice to you site...:D)