Wednesday, April 2, 2008

c4lpt : Top Tools for Learning : Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies

You may be wondering what is C4LPT. It is a "Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies".

The Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies provides a number of resources, consultancy services and workshops to help you understand more about how Web 2.0 technologies and tools are creating a new approach to learning (in both in education and the workplace learning) known as Learning 2.0 or Social Learning.

Well, I have missed an opportunity to uncover this resource to contribute ( to vote) for Top 100 Tools for Learning Spring 2008. The deadline is passed on March 31st. The contribution is welcome throughout the year ...By the way :)

But anyway the list will be sent as a pdf file if you like to get the results. Please visit Center for Learning and performance technologies and give your email id.

While you are around you can take a chance to send your top 10 tools to Jane Hart : Head of the Centre. You would need to provide some information about yourself, about your favorite tools plus you get to clarify guidelines about the tools in Share section.

You can take a pick at contributors in Top 10s tab. There is a good chance that you may appear on the website for your choice of tools. To get showcase on the site, you may send a note to Jane Hart with your top 10 tools.

There are lots of educational tools listed here in tools directory. The tools in this Directory are both freeware/open source and commercial. I am glad to see some of my favorite tools like del.icio.us, blogger, Google Docs, PidGin, FireFox etc has been listed as top tools.

Could you please let know your favorite top learning and productivity tools...???


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