Sunday, February 8, 2009

Earn $500 for uploading 500 pictures on PixMac

Pixmac pictures is a micrstok site. A site where you get pictures and stock photo with royalty free rights.  Pixmac is starting a unique promotion - offering all contributors an opportunity to get money for their pictures even before they’re sold.

This is a great opportunity for photographers like us.

From 1st February 2009, all contributors who upload their pictures on Pixmac will get a $500 sales guarantee for 2 years for every 500 approved pictures.

In case to get the cash immediately, there is another option that is to get $100 for every 500 approved pictures - before having had any sales. Portfolios preferred include high quality pictures with people or isolated objects on a white background. This unique opportunity lasts until 28th  February 2009.

Please find excerpt of exact description about the uploading in their own works.  :

Detailed conditions

The contributor can choose from 2 options.


$500 sales guarantee for 2 years for every 500 pictures uploaded and approved on Pixmac. This means that in 2 years Pixmac will give you $500 even if your sales are 0.


$100 for every 500 pictures uploaded and approved on Pixmac immediately after the 500th picture is approved. This will be an advance payment on the first $100 earned on those pictures.  Pixmac accepts the risk of selling these pictures and in the event that no sales are made, the contributor will retain the money.

If you like to read more, please check Get $500 for 500 pictures on Pixmac!

Ok here are couple of important things about PixMac and photo uploading.

  1. Please register to PixMac first.
  2. Then click on Sell Images and Upload Pictures.
    1. Please be prepared with following important things:
      1. Keywords : Five keywords describing your photograph.
      2. Title: Interesting and attention catching title.
      3. Description: Describe information about your photo.
  3. Make sure you disable “automatic keywording”
  4. For every picture/photograph, make sure to hit “Save and Send for Approval”.
  5. They provide two ways to upload pictures. HTTP upload using browser and FTP Upload using FTP.

Hope this will help you.

Best of luck…!!!Pixmac pictures










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