Thursday, April 16, 2009

I am back !!!

I have been in hibernation or stand by mode for such a long time. Like a deer in front of car head lights. Like a bee smitten by pollinated honey filled flower. Like a poet mesmerized by sun rise. So forth.

While living life like a car which zooms between two intersections to wait for next green signal, I have been observing this fast changing, interesting, lovable yet testing world.

Reading various phases of economy. Sensing hardships of the common people like me. Smelling rather unusually interesting period of life. I have been introspecting myself while absorbing each and every moment of the life like a spilled perfume on the carpet. During this introvert moment, I have left windows of my mind, eyes, ears and heart open for every waking sound of the world.

Rather capturing each difference, each change since my childhood world and experiences, I am learning that the human life is a journey between beginning and end. This journey takes various stations like childhood, teenage, middle age and elder age before stopping for final stations of the truth of mortal life. Who knows this journey may have even started well before arriving to this world and may continue beyond this existence of physical body.

With positive rejuvenation of the life continuum, I am back !!!!