Monday, February 2, 2009

New Firefox Extension SEO Workers Analysis Tool

I have found one new firefox extension. It is for SEO. Of course no wonder. But it is useful. Simple to install as usual for firefox extensions. Easy to use. Open a website in Firefox. Right click on web page and choose "SEO Workers Analysis Tool". Yeah, it is that simple.

Well, let me start from where world begins. You can get SEO Workers Analysis tool at Professional Organic SEO & Web Site Design Consultants website. It is free to install. It allow to perform basic SEO analysis. There are couple of other SEO tools which are interesting, useful and professional. Those are SEO Analysis Tool, Online Spell check Tool, Markup (Code) & Accessiblity Validators. Plus there are informative tutorials to compliment SEO information.

After clicking on SEO Workers Analysis Tool, it brings another web page with results grouped as below:

  • General status;

  • Meta tags listing;

  • Meta tags analysis;

  • General web page analysis;

  • The page displayed within search engine results;

  • Keywords found in the anchor tags;

  • Keywords found in the image 'alt' attribute text;

  • Keywords found on the page;

  • URLs found in the page;

  • Headers returned from the server;

  • Spell-check your web site;

  • SEO Books and Tools;

  • Search Engine College.

The analysis results are basic but useful for initialization of next steps towards serious SEO work.

There are lots of tools out there...Do you know any of SEO tools which you use frequently and happy with results ? Please do share.