Monday, March 24, 2008

Cool Web 2.0 Apps for Everyone: Webware.com

Vote for Your Favorite web 2.0 app Today at http://www.webware.com/

An interesting website. It's tag line is "COOL WEB 2.0 APPS FOR EVERYONE".

Per Webware.come

"There's a shift underway in how people use computers and the Internet. Every day more utility is being delivered over the Web. Full applications can now be run in a browser, accessible from any computer. Software? It's no longer required. Software is becoming Webware.

There are different types of Webware.

  • Productivity applications. Microsoft may own the desktop, but not the Web. Online, Google has solid productivity apps. And there are dozens of upstarts in this market too.
  • Data-driven applications. Many new online services rely on real-time data that simply could not be encapsulated into software. Examples include Google Maps, Zillow and Farecast.
  • Community services. Webware enables people to network, share their lives, and work together. Examples are MySpace, LinkedIn, YouTube, and SmartSheet.

Webware.com is the site where computer users can learn about new and useful Web applications. "

This site is hosting voting for the best Web apps out there. They have the best of the 300 finalists that which has been selected from a list of almost 5,000 eligible services. The news is that Webware.com crossed the one million vote count Friday. So they're getting some pretty robust data on what's popular among Web users. Categories and subcategories which are covered :

  • Audio
    Music, podcasts, audiobooks
  • Browsing
    Browsers, start pages, RSS readers, widgets, runtime engines
  • Commerce and events
    Retail, auctions, travel, real estate, concerts, conferences
  • Communication
    E-mail, chat, voice
  • Productivity
    Application suites, to-do lists, groupware
  • Publishing and photography
    Blogging, content management, photo sites
  • Search and reference
    Search engines, encyclopedias, mapping
  • Social
    Social networking, family sites, recommendations, online worlds, contests
  • Utility and security
    Infrastructure providers, storage, online protection
  • Video
    Video storage, playback, streaming, editing, and animation

If you like to vote for your favorite web 2.0 applications or like to see the previous year's top 100 list or may like to just take a look these categories and finalists you may please visit


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