Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Economic turmoil and technology in America

I have read this great thoughtful blog on current state of technology in America. This is a blog post on "The View From OutSide my Tiny Window" with title "Post 81: Some Thoughts on the State of Technology in America" from The Logistician. I have liked it so much that I have dugg that story and writing my thought blog on it.

The reason I have liked the thoughts and blog post is that I truly believe that technology would definitely help to improve life of common people and will bring better economic prosperity. Another reason, very recently I have read in one of the magazine the statement of a big technology giant's CEO. He was stating that the way Detroit auto industry been outpaced by foreign industry it may happen that technology industry will also one day over taken by countries who are across the pond. Since reading that open letter thoughts, my mind is trying to gauge the gravity of such situation and any possible solutions. Here are some of my humble opinions and thoughts.

In the light of the latest economic depressing recession which has infected by housing and credit crunch. It has led to further demise of Car manufacuturers in Detroit and financial institutes along with bringing down individual families as consumers. In this situation, it is very important for America and its technical industry to take a pause and to look beyond next 10 years horizon.

First and foremost, the technology industry should perform and improve on the most basic aspect is to develop strength of basic technology industry. Then to innovate on new technology front. Follow this with grand education plan which will educate this and next generation. While doing this adapt to new economic model which is building up now with better infrastructure, new energy grids and future enhancement which is happening in information technology and artificial intelligence. This economic model will definitely bring out stronger financial sector and may lead to more owning of Government.

It is the fact that America has been super power due to its technological advancement and innovative vision of American leaders and faithful practice of American followers in past decade. To continue in future, in these present days of economic turmoil we all have to think that we have to embrace Science-Technology-Engineering-Mathematics once again. We have to dust ourselves and re-innovate on the technology front inspiring the budding bright scientific adventurers. This time we hope that we will make it more environment friendly, energy dependent on natural resources and health friendly.

Fortunately the internet make it easy to learn and our current generation is already adopted it very well.

There are more brilliant people around here, who may throw more light on prospering technology industry for better future of America. But do consider that this "common person" is willing to complete his squirrel share of work .

What do you think would help technology sector in America and in turn world to prosper better ?

Please share your thoughts !!!


The Logistician said...

Thanks much Ankush for visiting our site, highlighting our article on technology, and providing further thoughts.

You have so amply focused on the issue. We are lagging behind in the graduation of engineers and other technical people from our universities. Our culture glorifies athletes and entertainers, but not our teachers and our scientists.

The answer to most problems in a society is education. Always has been, always will be.

There's another issue. We need to reach the kids at an early age. It has been said that the fastest way to advance development of a society is through education, and particularly education of the mothers, because they read to their kids. Kids of mothers who read to them supposedly have 400 more words in their vocabulary by age 3 or 4, than kids whose mothers did not read to them. And then it's off to the races. Guess who will win.

Many also contend that we need to return to funding basic research in our institutions of higher learning. Basic research has often been attacked, because it often has no immediate, discernible practical application in real life. However as we have learned in the corporate arena, our actions can not always be dictated by what is in our short-term interests.

I really do believe that the internet will enable many, who would not otherwise be able to do so, develop an interest in science. However, the same applies to the Chinese and the Indians. And they appear hungrier.

Part of the goal of the Institute of Applied Common Sense is to assist people in realizing that there are more than 2 or 3 ways of looking at and addressing any problem; there are at least 27. We need to encourage more creativity and innovation, and not just accept what we see and hear.

Thanks again for taking the time to engage us. Thanks for the tips, and we'll be back.


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