Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tips & Tricks : How to restore Microsoft IE 7 original settings?

There are lots of choices available on Brower front now a days. These choices include Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Opera, Google Chrome, Flock and list goes on.

But suppose you are quite happy with your windows setup and love IE very much. While you browsing happily, you start accumulating lots of add-ons, plugins and other ActiveX controls. These goodies are apart from from browser cache, history tracks and other resouces you accumulate while surfing the ubiquitous internet. All those accumulated artificats, start impacting Browser behavior. Like it will start storing unnecessry form fields, popping up non-required dialogues from add-ons, distorting HTML fonts and so on.

There is a trick to make your IE healthy again. And start living together happily ever after.

Open your IE. On Top Menu, select Tools -> Internet Options -> Advanced.

Then click on "Reset..." button. It will display following dialogue box.

It is pretty much self-explainatory. It disables toolbars and add-ons, deletes browser history along with unnecessary items, resets web browser settings.

After completion of restoring of MS IE 7 original settings, you would need to re-start the browser.

If necessary, you can uninstall old tool bars, add-ons as well as other ActiveX controls using Revo Uninstaller or CCleaner freewares.

This will revive IE 7 and speed up browsing.


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The Logistician said...

This was a good post. I'll tell you, after more than 10 years, I finally gave up on IE last week, and switched to Mozilla Firefox. I was simply exhausted with all of the iE issues. Perhaps I will now return to using it with your assistance. Thanks for sharing.